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I was not looking forward to coming home. In fact, I dreaded it. The marina/boating life is a strange lifestyle, an alternate universe.

Your world shrinks to the size of your boat. What to do, what needs fixing/cleaning/taking care of. Depending on where you are, what are your plans for the day, if any.

But reality is annual check-ups with doctors, dentists, dermatologists; check in with the house (slight roof damage); the garden (a mess); the lawn (dead); Matthew’s aftermath (not bad); and some lesser “stuff.”

During these eight months away we never turned on the television and I believe I bought a newspaper three times. What I wanted to know needed to know, I picked up on the computer.

My one neighbor described it best. “You disconnect on a boat.” I will add, you also have a choice as to who, what, where, when, why and with whom you want to connect. Far more so than on land.

But home we came and within 24 hours I was fighting to retain that hard won inner peace, as I stepped back into what is a normal lifestyle for land-lubbers.

Irritation #1 – A landline. I’m not used to hearing a phone ring.

Irritation #2 – I’d activated our local paper. Big mistake. Doom, gloom, murder, rape, even the funnies had lost its appeal.

Irritation #3– Cars. People not slowing down for those of us dog-walking on the sidewalk in the neighborhood.

(Speed limit 30 mph)

Irritation # 4 – My coffee tasted terrible. (Different water)

Irritation #5 – My drink just didn’t taste the same as on the boat. Actually the captain said that first. It wasn’t just the ice cubes (water), something was missing. It all felt wrong. Ambiance missing?

Irritation #6 – Adverse reaction (first time ever) to a flu shot. Sick as a dog, went to bed early.

I’m getting back on that boat as soon as I can.

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