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“Mom, what’s a Xanax Bar?”

My fourteen year old, blond hair tied up in a messy pony tail, blue eyes sparkling, school bag slung over one shoulder looked at me expectantly. Mom would know.

My only child, my daughter, my life.

But I didn’t know.

“I don’t know,” I told her. “It must be a new energy type bar. When I go shopping I’ll see if I can

find some for you.”

The fridge had a special drawer with Steph Treats. I’d add this to her stash.

I was as good as my word and on my next trip to the supermarket, made my way to the Health food Isle.


Maybe in the Snack Isle?


Bread Isle? Foreign Foods?


I might have to go to the Whole Foods Store.

So be it.

Then again, maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong place. Thus, on checking out, I asked the middle-aged cashier,

“Where to I find the Xanax Bars?”

A strange look. Sudden silence in the line behind me.

“Uh, well uh, there’s always a policeman outside. Ask him.”

Well yes.

I sniffed a rat.

The supermarket was in a strip mall in front of a movie theater so the law was always present.

I found my policeman and asked.

Another strange look. A grin.

He directed me to a drug store close by and said,

“Go and ask the pharmacist.”

Now sniffing two rats I dutifully located the pharmacist at the back of the drug store and asked. This time adding my fourteen-year old had asked.

An outright laugh. A shaking of his head.

He disappeared into the nether region of the pharmacy and reappeared clutching what appeared an assortment of pills. Different colors.

“It’s an anti-anxiety medication,” he explained.

“And why is it called a bar?” I asked.

“Because of the shape,” he told me.

I studied the small in-offensive looking oblong pill.

“And why would my fourteen year old come back from school and even ask about this?” was my next question.

He explained. Alcohol and Xanax = A high. Add in other stuff, marijuana etc. and The Sky’s the Limit.  Or a coffin.

I thanked him and walked away.

Such was my introduction into the murky world of teenagers, prescription drugs and more.

Blessings all. Much love and may your kids be safe.


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