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Early morning, dogs in tow, found me in a lovely park. Louie IV did what he was supposed to do, a lone stroller/rambler/walker approached and I set my sights, ready to spring my “may I hug you” trap when Mikhail decided to poop.

And there I was, poop bag in hand, butt in the air, cleaning up when my target drew near.

I straightened up, dropped the poop bag and declared, “I’m sorry about the poop but…….”

She was gracious, she was sweet (“I have kids and I get hugs all day long”), she was in Chestertown for a conference at Washington State College, she’d been up since 5.30 am and needed that early morning “me” time before the conference and her day started at 8.00 am.

We chatted as women do, poopless dogs at my feet and before we parted discovered we were the same denomination. (My Gospel Choir story did it!)

We shared another hug and went on our respective ways to start our respective days. 

But the day was young and there was more to come…

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