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I have the ability of a bloodhound to find a bookstore. I mean a REAL bookstore with shelves upon shelves upon shelves upon shelves (you get the picture) of books catalogued in every possible way.

So it really was no surprise that my nose would lead me to [email protected] (which I would rename [email protected]

I opened the door and was lost. Memories assailed me of a little girl, tucked into a corner, chin upon her knees and the latest Nancy Drew clutched in grimy little hands.

The owner, Tom Martin, Bookseller Extraordinaire, graciously allowed me to roam and roam I did. I finally left but not before confessing who I was and the journey I was on.

I was rewarded with a bear hug across the counter from Tom and a hug from Emily. (She had to run around the counter, being too small to reach across!)

So if you are ever in Chestertown, MD and you are a booklover ([email protected]) or you just want to meet two lovely people….

P.S. (I found a “spiffing” out of print book on rug braiding.)

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