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Bootsie on the Beach

I’m a dog lover. Big dogs, small dogs, black dogs, white dogs and every possible color and size variation in between. Purebreds, mutts, bought from a breeder or adopted from a rescue (the best dogs) and, of course, designer dogs.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert (?) on designer dogs and have a lot of fun identifying the combination of breeds. You have no idea what they can do with a Poodle. Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Airedoodle, Cattle Doodle, Aussie Doodle, Bussetoodle, Belgian Shepadoodle, Malinoodle, Bich-poo, (ehhhh) Cavapoo, Chi-poo, Cockapoo, Lhasapoo, Maltipoo, Affenpoo, Aki-poo, Eskapoo, Terri-poo, Schnoodle, I Googled Poodle Designer dogs but the list just went on and on and I finally gave up.

But Bootsie confounded me. Large at first glimpse but once I wrapped my arms around her soft, black curly hulk, it turned out to be all fluff. She had the biggest smile and the whitest teeth and a bright pink tongue that lolled out and up and sideways. A long curly tail waved merrily, proclaiming, “love me, love me, love me” which I did and got a lovely slobbery kiss in my neck.

Bootsie was, as to be expected, attached to a lead that was, as to be expected, attached to an owner. And what fun she was, totally suitable to be Bootsie’s owner. As for the mystery of Bootsie’s parentage? A white Standard Poodle Dad and a black Bernese Mountain Dog Mum had produced a Bernedoodle. The only visible sign of dad was a wisp of white hair on Bootsie’s chest and one tiny white streak on each ear. 

After human hugs and texts back and forth we decided to meet for cocktails and dinner the following evening. Bootsie, Bootsie’s owner and Bootsie’s owner’s husband lived some hours away but were spending a few nights in the marina.

My new friend, in this case Bootsie’s owner, not Bootsie herself, endeared herself to me for life when she cancelled our “date” as she had to go home to feed her aging cat.  Kitty Ivan is on soft food due to a teeth problem. She couldn’t leave out soft food for two days as it would spoil and she couldn’t find anyone to go and feed Ivan.


Blessings on you, my new friend. A woman after my own heart.

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