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Aahh! The wide and wicked world of technology!

In this case, electronic reading.

I belong to a “club” named BookBub.

On signing up I indicated which genres I like to read.

I thus receive daily e-mails with offers in my chosen genres of free books, books at $1.99, $2.99 and so on.

I buy and download on my Kindle. A bargain most of the time. Except when the “bargain” is Book Fifteen in the series. If it so happens that I like the given blurb on Book Fifteen, I then set out to buy Books One through Fourteen at normal prices.

And not for Kindle if I can help it!

I admit Kindle is a Godsend when traveling. Also, on the boat.  The Captain, at one point, asked me to kindly distribute the paper books evenly on the boat to prevent it from listing.

Well yes…

However, even though I do not like to read on Kindle, BookBub’s offers have led me to authors I would never otherwise have found.

Anne Perry comes to mind. As does Rennie Airth. Martin Walker. Gemma Jackson.

And as I checked my Kindle “Store” on Amazon for recommendations to a friend, the thought came –

In how many ways is my life like BookBub?

The first lesson being to look for bright spots in unlikely places.

  • I don’t like to clean house. But I’m grateful to have a house to clean.

  • I don’t like to cook. But I’m grateful I have food to cook.

  • I don’t like crowds.  But I’m grateful that I have somewhere safe to go.

The next lesson being to dig deeper.

  • Has fighting my own demons taught me understanding with others fighting their demons?

  • Has the loss of a loved one taught me empathy?

  • Has my own aging body taught me patience with the truly elderly and infirm?

  • Has my comfort and relative affluence taught me to reach out to those less fortunate?

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. Look for the nuggets of good and lessons to be learnt within your own BookBub of Life.

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