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You’re a toddler and learning to walk. Tumble after tumble and mom picks you up and kisses it better. “Boo-boo” gone.

You’re learning to ride your bike without training wheels and go flying. Mom cleans off the dirt, kisses it better and a Minnie or Mickey Mouse band aid covers the “boo-boo.” Now it’s a badge of honor!

Teenage “boo-boos” are harder to handle and doesn’t show. You’re either lucky  and come through relatively unscathed or you’re not and carry the “boo-boo” into your adult life.

All grown up with a new lifestyle, new “boo-boos” are added. Friends, habits. And one day you realize the scrapes and cuts have become deep wounds that no one can clean, no kisses can cure and no band aid can cover. Except, turn to the One that can do all –

1 Peter 2:24  “… his wounds you have been healed.” (NIV)

Cyber hugs and beautiful Easter blessings to you all.


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