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We’d rented a car and were motoring down the road, chatting and discussing the merits of the rental, a make and model unfamiliar to us.

A shrill beep-beep had both of us sit upright and pay attention. Boaters do not like unfamiliar, unexpected sirens whether of the wailing or the beep-beep variety.

Then, it stopped. But the fact that we didn’t know what had precipitated it, made the whole thing worse. What had we done? What was wrong?

It beeped again and stopped.

And again and stopped.


And stopped.

It was most annoying. I grabbed the manual but before I could find the diagnoses, the Captain had figured it out.

Every time we got too close to a white line, whether center or side, the alarm would sound.

Now, as the captain drives like a maniac (in my book) that danged alarm was having a field day. The manual serve served some purpose as I found how to turn it off.

But it did set me thinking.

We all have built in alarms that sound when we drift off course. Me, you, all of us.

So here are our choices:

  • Live on the edge and pull back when the alarm sounds;

  • Turn off that internal alarm;

  • Leave your alarm on but try to live so it never goes off.

(Back to that Narrow Road, methinks.)

Cyber Hugs All and Many Blessings.


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