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Be in the moment

With apologies to all my Yogi friends, I can’t. The whole practice goes well as long as I’m moving or have to fight muscle and balance to hold a pose. This beautiful photo here is my dear friend Ann Hunt – (Click Here)

The minute it’s over and I’m told to “be in the moment,” my  Whirlpool mind (Read:What’s in a name?) sets itself on warp speed and off we go.

Think of nothing? How is that humanly possible! But I’m able to pray. Which is a form of meditation, right? Snatches at a time, of course. Attempted long period of prayer has the same end result. A tumble dryer of unrelated issues.

An example: I started praying for Aunt Suzie and her painful ingrown toenails and huge bunions which necessitate wearing bedroom slippers cut open on the sides, even when going to church.

  • which made me wonder what kind of shoes she wore as a young girl;

  • which made me think of the three inch heels and pointy toes I wore to work in my corporate days;

  • which made me think of shoe styles through the ages;

  • which made me wonder what shoe sales are on at the present moment.

In that present moment I wondered how on earth I got to shoe sales! And no, I don’t have an Aunt Suzie with problem feet but you get the picture.

Thus, when told to quiet and empty my mind, I immediately fill it with a short prayer or scripture verse and set my whirlpool mind on repeat.

And here I’ll share my favorite.

“Oh, my God, I ask of you for myself and those I hold dear, the grace to fulfill perfectly your holy will; to accept for love of you the joys and sorrows of this passing life, so that we may one day be united in Heaven for all eternity.”

St. Therese of Lisieux

Cyber hugs all and many blessings.


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