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Mid-afternoon on a beautiful fall day found me powering full steam ahead on a shopping mission. Girlfriend Diane had discovered this “Way Off the Beaten Path” dress shop and after the week’s adventures, which included –

Sitting at a left turn RED light, thinking good thoughts and minding my own business only to be rammed by a runaway Durango (whose owner probably was texting); twice being attacked by swarms of biting flies in the middle of the Chesapeake (and they were of Biblical proportions, think of Plague #4 which the Good Lord inflicted on the hapless Egyptians); then, still out there on Chessie, being slammed into an aluminum rail when a 5 foot rogue wave hit our boat, keeled us over 45 degrees  (and having to deal with the resultant mess inside the boat); crown this with taking a flying and not very elegant tumble two, yes TWO days in a row when  my favorite Croc sandals separated at the toe, the top part and I kept walking while the bottom sole stayed for a tete-a-tete with an uneven wooden plank…

Serious retail therapy was the order of the day and while pondering the merits of a skirt or a skort (if I could find one), even a pretty dress, and watching where I put my feet, there she was, right in front of me. Young, cute, hair piled high, little white shirt, super tight chequered  leggings, 3” wedges and “you’re beautiful,” I said and “may I hug you?” (Sometimes the English language can be pitifully inadequate – got to look for synonyms for beautiful.)


I think I heard “of course” but I was already held tight, cutie patootie’s face fitted into my neck. A tall, good-looking, and no doubt bemused, boyfriend looked on and yes, we probably were a spectacle. An elderly white woman with silver (not grey) hair and a young and gorgeous African woman in a clinch on the sidewalk.

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