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I don’t understand but I am grateful.

So there I was, merrily typing up one of my hugging escapades when I did that “something” which I’ve never quite figured out but my typing had jumped and was now reclining further back in the middle of a carefully constructed and thought out sentence.

Sigh. I corrected it. And started typing, then looked up and what the flying feathers! It had happened again.

Mumble grumble. Fix it. Now working on my self-imposed time line, off I went, again, and fast.

What the #@6%&*@@! Surely not, but surely yes. There my phrase was, somewhere further back, messing up some good stuff and creating a sentence that made no sense.

Three times? One right after the other? And three has never been my favorite number? Was this an omen or something?

I sat back and re-read what I’d written. Yup, that frisky phrase could provoke a negative reaction from some people. And then I’d be either hurt or upset or annoyed and would have to deal with that self-inflicted baggage. And then I’d have to forgive the person(s) who’d caused my baggage and by that time I might have a headache and and and……

It was all just too much. Just thinking of this “situation” that I could create all by my little self for my little self, uggh…….

So I changed the sentence; took out the word that could create problems; started typing and what do you know but no more jumping sentences.

Lesson learned: Look before you leap (or type and post in this case.)

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