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Across a crowded bar

I sadly waved goodbye to a beautiful Vermont summer morning but before you rush to move, do visit during midwinter as well.

Destination New Hampshire to visit the best son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren on Mother Earth. Yes, yes, I know many of you feel that way but this family is the best. End of story.

It was my birthday and I was being taken out to dinner by the most important men in my life, husband and son. (The rest of the family was still away doing the summer, sun and fun bit.) But the table wasn’t ready and we had half an hour to kill so off to the watering hole we went and I settled in with a large G & T to people watch while father and son did the catch up/bonding bit.

I noticed her immediately and tried not to stare. She had that classic JoAnne Newman/Grace Kelly look, (sorry for “them young ‘uns” who don’t know who these ladies are/were). An aquiline nose that would’ve been too thin if the rest of her face was less delicate, silvery hair with a natural wave and at shoulder length, flipped back behind an ear from time to time. She was enjoying her dinner, chatting to her husband and I tried really hard to look at other people but eventually gave up. I got off my bar stool (nowadays the husband no longer asks where I’m going) and made my way through my fellow watering hole “fraternees” to this magnet.

I explained my mission, asked and got exactly what I’d expected. A smile and a hug. What I didn’t expect was the ensuing conversation.

“I noticed you as well,” she said. “You look different.”

That gave me pause but I stashed it away for analysis later on, laughed and the conversational ball was rolling.

Where was I from, what was I doing here, who was I with etc. She thought father and son were gorgeous and I liked her even better.

Later that night I pondered the “different” comment. She hadn’t yet spoken to me so it wasn’t my accent. Hair, clothes, manners? Pretty much like everyone else there.

Then what? Am I too ambitious in thinking that maybe, just maybe this state of peace of mind that surpasses all understanding gives of a little bit of a glow?

Philippians 4:7

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