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My evening walk with the dogs takes me past an array of gardens.

One of these always bring a smile to my face. I stop to stare. And enjoy.

A broken clay pot lies half buried in the soil. A mass of small colorful flowers peeks out of the unburied halfmoon shape.

Further ahead an old rusted wheelbarrow has made its home. Settled in the mulch. An array of tiny spring flowers nestles inside. Giving life to the old workhorse.

Once upon a time that clay pot was hand-glazed in a foreign land. The design looks Portuguese.

It traveled to these shores. Unpacked, dusted and cleaned up. Maybe photographed for a catalog sale. Maybe it had a place of honor in a nursery showroom. Lived with one or more owners.

Then something happened.

Someone dropped it.

It was no longer useful.

Or beautiful.

It was left on the side walk to be picked up as trash.

Our gardener walked by.

It was exactly what he wanted!

And the wheelbarrow?

Once upon a time it was painted a shiny black. Or green. Or who knows what funky color.

It worked hard.

Being wheeled around.

Carrying heavy loads of mulch. Or stones. Bricks. Pebbles. Gravel. Logs.

But the paint flaked.

The wheel squeaked.

And wobbled.

A shiny new lightweight wheelbarrow came to live.

The tired, old and sad workhorse found itself in the junkyard.

Our gardener came to look around.

It was exactly what he wanted.

The wheelbarrow and its friend, the pot shard, now are center pieces.

Making people passing by stop. And smile. And walk on feeling happy.

Never think you are–

  • Too broken.

  • Or rusted.

  • Or old.

To be –

  • Beautiful.

  • Useful.

  • Of joy to others.

Always remember the Master Gardener of Life who finds beauty and usefulness in pot shards on the sidewalk and rescues from a junk yard.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. So grateful for all of you.


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