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I’m a product of that fine British institution, The Boarding School. I loved every moment and took away from those years the Three Laws.

Routine, Discipline and Tidiness.

Ah, that routine. I like routine.

Correction. I need routine.

It was imprinted on me starting with daily “quiet time.” Fifteen minutes before breakfast and again before bedtime. I don’t believe much sank in, unless you were praying desperately for an imminent math test or divine intervention for unfinished homework. It was just something you did. Usually your mind was already at school and at night you were so tired, you were half asleep.

But you did it. Sitting cross-legged on your bed. And the habit stayed, even though neglected for years at a time.

Real Bible Study was Monday evenings. We were in a group called CSV – Christelike Studente Vereniging. (Christian Student Association.) We always seemed to work with the New Testament, discuss it, look for the lesson, but I can’t remember much “studying” and “discussing” of the Old Testament.

Now, in my twilight years and with time at hand, I’m drawn more and more to the Old Testament. Much of it still is a story and will always remain so. Lovely tales of brave men and women; rich in history, teeming with heroes and villains; who fought whom and why and how (nothing much has changed, methinks 😉 genealogy (HOW many children did he have?) but I’m learning to read in between the lines and apply the message to my personal circumstances.

It would happen without warning. A message, just for me. This morning it was Psalm 17 that came to rest on my shoulder.

Psalm 17:1:  Hear the right, O Lord, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer, that goeth not out of feigned lips. (KJV)

Psalm 17:9 : “From the wicked that oppress me, from my deadly enemies, who compass me about.” (KJV)

Poor old David had not had it easy. He had been looking over his shoulder and hiding from Saul for years.

I live on a boat with a husband and two dogs for most of the year. I’m not “at war” in the physical sense, yet I’m in a death struggle on a daily basis.

And I’m pretty sure the Man upstairs saw me floundering and finding me true to Him, took me through the hot mess I was in to a deeper knowledge of Him and His Word.

What on earth were my deadly enemies? Or rather, what is my specific enemy?

It was easy to isolate. I have a serious character flaw.

I’m hyper-sensitive. I see criticism where it’s non-existent; find a slight when none is intended; the inflexion or tone of a throwaway remark can ruin my day; not receiving a smile or greeting in return from a stranger is hurtful; checking stats on Facebook doesn’t help.

Aarghhh – nasty stuff. Brother, Sistah – did I need help! I kept reading.

Psalm 18: 2; 31-38

David now is a happy camper. The Lord delivered his enemies into his hand.

I especially love verse 38.

“I smote them so that they were not able to rise; they fell wounded under my feet!” (AMPC)

And these words from a friend’s Facebook page. ”Don’t believe everything you think.”

Well woot-woot! Take that you over-sensitive mindset! No, it’s not something that can be conquered in one battle. It’s ongoing, daily, learning to deal with it, asking for help every morning to get through the day without flinching at unseen arrows, ducking for invisible rocks or going into a blue funk.

Cyber Hugs all and as always, many blessings.

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