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I’m a little bit of everything and not much of anything.

Not too old, neither young.

Not too pretty, not too ugly.

Not too fat, not too thin.

Not too tall, not too short.

Not really an introvert and not really an extrovert. I’m a bit of a chameleon. It’s called being adaptable. I prefer calling it “playing to the audience.”

I was highly competitive when younger but smart enough to pick the areas in which I could shine.

But I wasn’t brilliant. Neither stupid.

I played tennis. Not too shabby but not super good either.

Same thing with swimming. And badminton. And water skiing.

I dreamt of being a dancer. I did not have the opportunity to train. Even if I had, I did not have the right body type or the talent. Just the dream.

I studied piano all my life but would never have become famous. The discipline was there but the talent and that “je ne sais quoi” that makes world quality lacked.

I think it’s the same “fighting instinct” that takes one athlete to the top of his game and leaves another, with equal talent, but a different mentality, behind.

I wanted to sing. I don’t have the talent. Oh, I can hold a tune but that’s about it.

I wanted to write. Couldn’t find an agent. Therefore I blog. (That word again.)

So there I was. An Almost in Everything.

Morning devotion centered on Luke 19:12-27 and that guy who rewarded the servant who had multiplied his money. And punished the poor dude who had been too scared to do anything in case he lost the guy’s money. So he just hid it. Under his mattress or something. Not earning anything.

And what do you know but my study bible posed the question –

That guy, symbolizing Jesus himself, wants to see fruit or dividends from His investment in me.

I sat up straight. And thought –

“Well my Sainted Aunt Suzie!”

My track record of talents received and not fully utilized stared at me accusingly.



Calmer thoughts took over as I sat watching the rippling water from my kayak. And smiled at the heron watching me. Felt the summer breeze. Shook my head at two retrievers frolicking in the river and thanked my lucky stars that I don’t need to deal with those wet and hairy dogs on our boat.

And took stock.

I have a smile. And will smile at everyone I make eye contact with. Smiles can lighten someone’s


I can talk. And will chat to anyone that wants to/needs to chat. Even the mailbox. Total strangers open up to me. Often it’s easier to talk to someone not involved in the immediate problem.

I can pay a compliment. And love doing that. It’s criminal how much joy I find in seeing someone glow on receiving a genuine compliment.

I can hug. And that I do. Anybody. Anywhere. No-one is safe when I go on a rampage.

Hugs are still the best medicine out there.

I’m good at that. Super good.

And these are talents too. Gifts to share.  And they multiply through sharing.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. And to remind y’all that everyone deserves love and acceptance, here’s that gem BEN sung by the one and only Michael Jackson.


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