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I’d stopped to let the dump truck rumble past (and that’s another story) when I caught movement in my peripheral vision. 
Tank top and shorts, coffee mug in hand, she was seated on the aft deck of a nearby sports fishing boat, face tilted up. And this guy, tall, well built, also tank top, shorts, sneakers and what looked like a toolbox in one hand, bent over and gave her light kiss on the lips. And another and another and then lingered over the last one before straightening up and stepping off the boat.
She sat like that for a few moments more, face tilted to the sun.
And in my normal tactless way I hailed her and said “I wish I’d had a camera. That was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.”
I had the normal response – initial surprise followed by a wide smile and a “thank you!”
The next day I got waves and smiles from both as I walked past.

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