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A Heaven Sent Mentor

I croaked my way into her studio and in hindsight that was the cornerstone to what is happening right now.

There I was, an aging soprano wannabee with a voice that never really amounted to much but oh, how I loved to sing.

At age seventeen, at a time long ago in a place far away, I sang in The Rhodes University Chamber Choir. With a much younger voice and boosted by fellow sopranos, top A wasn’t too much of a stretch.

Many years later I once again wanted to sing in a College Choir. Top A was history, a faint memory of bygone days, crazy rehearsals, the stereotyped, scatter brained, Austrian professor conductor and tours during winter vacations, eish!

But I had to be able to hit top A to sing first soprano. In my “superior” frame of mind, being 2nd soprano or horrors, alto, would be a step down.

Thus I ended up with LK, as we fondly called her. Why the woman ever took me on I have no idea. But she did. I sang in that college choir, I also sang in some skits she put on and the highlight of my “career” was as Miss Hannigan in Annie. (Eat your heart out Carol Burnett.)

I only needed to half-sing, half- talk, croak, preferably out of tune, and stumble around looking sozzled, drinking the water from a vase of flowers (I still have those fake flowers) and do some dance steps with two younger lassies.

At that point I discovered I had two left feet as well. (Oh yes, another childhood dream was to be a ballerina in a pink tutu.)

Things changed at the college, life got in the way, lessons with LK stopped.

Years later, having both moved away from La Plata, we reconnected via Facebook.

So, I do not believe in coincidence; I do believe in fate. I believe people come into your life for a reason.

Without LK, there would be no web page; there would be no HUGS page.

Thank you Lisa Kay Fletcher! .A big hug for you.

LIFE LESSON: Take a look around and see and thank the people without whom your life would be so much less. Be grateful. Give them a hug.

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