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I watch our poodle, Louie, with his favorite yellow duck. Aptly named Daffy.

Chew, lick chew.

Briefly he rests his head on the neck of the duck, eyes closed.

He gets up. Wanders around. Goes back to Daffy.

Chew, lick, chew.

Sleeps. Wakes. Chases his brother. Game over.

Chew, lick, chew.

I take them out for a walk. The first he does when he gets back is look for his duck.

Chew, lick, chew.

It strikes me that I’m no different.

I say I don’t care about how many followers I have worldwide.

I say I don’t care about how many people respond.

I say I don’t care about those statistics Facebook relentlessly send to my inbox.

I say I don’t –

Chew, lick, chew.

I’m writing for the love of writing. If I help just one person, sometime, somewhere, it’s all good. And I don’t need to know about it.

Still, still I keep on coming back to my Daffy.

I pick up my mass reading for the day.

Two Cents in the Collection Plate.

Mark 12:41-44 NIV – The Widow’s Offering – Jesus sat down – Bible …

Little things matter.

Small kindnesses.

A few nasty words can destroy another.

A few encouraging words can build another.

If I only have two cents to give, maybe my two is cents is all that’s required.

To All – Cyber Hugs and Extra Blessings during this Season of Advent.


Photo credit – Pexels. 

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