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That Shower Mat

It was a very nice bath house in a small upscale yacht and country club. At the end of a hot and humid day I couldn’t wait to get into a hot shower with a cool rinse afterwards.

I lathered up and stood, hair dripping, in a puddle as the soap-scummed water sluggishly made its way through the mat. Ehhh…I lifted the mat and found the culprit.

A big tangled blob of hair with greasy yuck.

Gruesome? Maybe but I’ve dealt with enough yuck in my life that this didn’t even qualify as a minor speed bump. Closer inspection revealed that the bottom of the mat could do with a good old-fashioned elbow grease scrub and lots of Clorox. (Love that stuff.)

Now for the life lesson –

If you lift up the mat that is your life, what are you going to find?

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