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A stand-up comedian on a cruise ship at Thanksgiving spouted the above words of wisdom, referring to the Holy State of Matrimony.

Well yes. That phrase resounded and found a comfortable spot in my brain. The echoes come back to kick me in the nether region from time to time.

And I ask myself – why oh why do we expect perfection from our life partner? Are we everything they expected and subsequently received?

Our comedian joked about his failed marriage saying he had one good thing to remind him of those years – his son.

Then the twist in the tail – tragi-comique Greek Style, telling us,

“If your marriage is 70% good, it’s good enough.”

I can’t pontificate and point fingers. I’m divorced and re-married. There are excellent reasons for divorcing or separating.

But before you take that final step, stand back, take a deep breath, re-consider, because –

“70% is good enough.”

Then reach deep inside for the other 30%. 

Shania Twain – You’re still the One.



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